Women and Work (International Women's Day special)

at Online

Hear from activists, historians and professionals working today on the theme of ‘Women and Work’.

This event is part of an ongoing series on Women and Work brought to you by the Newington Green Meeting House: Revolutionary Ideas project. Join our Programme Manager Amy Todd in conversation with women sharing their experiences of activism, professional work or research on the topic of ‘Women and Work’.

In the past we have heard from historians on the marriage bar, on the Grunwick Strike, of Mary Wollstonecraft’s influence over the politics of women and work today and of experiences of being a woman working in the creative sector.

Guests include:

Sara Todd on her experiences working in the care industry in the current pandemic

Emmanuelle Marechal on her experience working in the fashion industry across Europe

Dr Eleanor Janega on her research on the history of sex work

Dr Emma Cunningham on her research and writing on social innovation and being inspired by Mary Wollstonecraft as a working class academic

Professor Jane Holgate, from the Ella Baker School of Organising – on the Fords women machinist strike in 1968 and how it led to the Equal Pay Act and what we can learn from that about organising today

Maritza Castillo Calle – talking about her work and experience as Chair of the Universities of London Branch of the International Workers of Great Britain Trade Union

Please book your tickets for the online event here: https://womenandwork3.eventbrite.co.uk

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