N-Zine: ‘Arrivals and Departures’

at Newington Green Meeting House

Poetry workshop and co-working day

N-Zine is our poetry and flash fiction publication. It is named for the postcode prefix for north London, where the Meeting House is based, but the zine is intended to showcase writing from all over Hackney and Islington.

After a successful first edition, N-Zine is preparing for it’s second edition with the title ‘Arrivals and Departures’ submissions open now! Join us for this day of co-working, whether you are a contributor or a potential contributor to N-Zine in the future – where we will be joined by a leading poet who will lead a workshop on the second editions theme, and then guests are welcome to join us for an afternoon of co-working in the Meeting House space and drinks at the end of the day.

Book your ticket here: https://nzine2.eventbrite.co.uk

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