Júli’s Ballet for All

at Online

Ballet in your own home!

Ever wanted to try out ballet but didn’t get the chance? Or perhaps you danced as a child and have always wanted to get back into it?

Then these online sessions are perfect for you!

With a feel-good and relaxed atmosphere, these classes are all about learning the basics of ballet, the fun way.

Through these sessions I will provide an inclusive space, for all levels and abilities – it’s not just a chance to learn a new skill, but a chance to build connections, boost self-esteem and practice self care.

From May 20th, you can come along in person to the Meeting House for the classes. They will be in line with Goverment guidelines and socially distanced with a maximum of 6 people and Juli in attendance. The Zoom link will still be availble for those who wish to join in from home.

From May 20th the classes will also start at 10.30am until 11.30am

Don’t worry about needing lots of space – all the sessions are kitchen counter friendly!

Signup here: https://julisballet.eventbrite.co.uk

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