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Join us for a virtual zine making workshop!

Join Grrrl Zine Fair during International Women’s Month in a workshop looking at women, trans and non-binary zine making though history. You’ll make 2 x mini zines, perfect for quick ideas, photocopying and sharing information, and 1 x A5 thread bound zine. Participants will be sent a Grrrl Zine Making Kit prior to the workshop.

Grrrl Zine Fair platforms women, transgender and non-binary artists and makers and is comprised of a self-publishing fair, panel talks, performances, live music, exhibitions and workshops curated by artist Lu Williams. The Grrrl Zine Library currently tours the world and when she’s at home, lives at The Old Waterworks in Southend.

Zine making is made accessible to communities outside of the art world and can be used as a way of self expression, a tool, or a practice of self care.

Skill sharing, activism, DIY and platforming marginalised voices is the focus of Grrrl In Print, a Grrrl Zine Fair publication and Grrrl’s social media output.

This event will be held virtually. A zoom link will be emailed to you on the day of the event so please make sure your Eventbrite settings allow emails from organisers. All materials will be provided free of charge by post (we’ll ask for your address during registration). Only 10 tickets are available so please cancel your reservation if you can’t make it. Another workshop is planned for December so please check back for updates if you miss out on a space this time!

Make sure you allow emails from organisers on Eventbrite so we can send the virtual event link.

Book your spot here:

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