Grrrl Zine x Newington Green

Join us for our second virtual zine making workshop!

Grrrl Zine Fair hosts live events, zine workshops, Grrrl In Print zine and a feminist zine library. It platforms women, trans and non-binary artists and is comprised of a self-publishing fair, panel talks, performances, live music, exhibitions and workshops curated by artist Lu Williams.

We’re aiming to create a “Newington Green Zine”, and are asking all attendees to bring in some creative work – writings, drawings or similar – which can go in the zine. Please have something that is inspired by or related to the local area in some way.

Zine making through Grrrl is presented as an adaptable way of making objects and literature outside of academic or capitalist endeavours. It is a way of elevating craft labour and democratised production in a context which is accessible to communities outside of the insular art world. Zines are much like the political pamphlet culture of the 1700’s where people found cheap ways of publishing material to distribute their messages. Zine workshops are accessible and appropriate for all ages and skill sets, all you need is a voice and something to say.

We will also have an introduction from Jeff Howarth who is the Academic Liaison Librarian for TUC Library Collections. Jeff is going to talk on the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers archives collection. We will start at 5.30pm to give a little extra time for this.

This event will be held virtually. A zoom link will be emailed to you on the day of the event so please make sure your Eventbrite settings allow emails from organisers. All materials will be provided free of charge by post (we’ll ask for your address during registration). Only 10 tickets are available so please cancel your reservation if you can’t make it.

Please register for the event here:

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