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Cluster-Phobia is an exhibition and film screening curated by Tahmina Negmat that shows a diverse range of mediums across the building. Artists Colin Allen, JJ Chan, Kemi Onabule, and Negmat herself exhibit their work and discuss identity politics within the arts in a series of recorded interviews. They drive the radical history of the Meeting House forward in the process by speaking out against the current norm and bringing together ideas as so many figures have in the past in this house of dissent. 

Open to the Public

01/06/21 – 01/09/21

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Fridays and Saturdays 12.00 – 18.00 (05/06/21 opens 14.00 -18.00)

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19.00 – 22.00

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Words from the Curator:

Identity politics aligned with modern-day capitalism has created a thought vacuum where we as artists are expected to say or do things satisfactory to that system.

Whilst we are running on the conveyor belt of ‘box ticking’ the system demands us to articulate in the specific language that will get us a job, funding, a connection, a solo show at a white cube gallery. As a consequence of this, we abstract our voices into the cluster of jargons and familiar symbols.

The obsessive need for classification creates an impersonal modern world of still white, but politically ‘corrected’ privilege, dictating how artists should talk about their work. Attention is prioritised towards our colour, rather than our nuanced experiences, producing and upholding stereotypes and continuing to create homogenised imaginations of race, gender, or immigration status. Being appropriated or stereotyped into a certain tribe isn’t what we are after. We might sing together, but our song is of the I.

Together, we form a show about things that are urgent and important but not always easy to talk about. 

Interview titles:

Colin Allen (performance artist, sculptor, painter). 

‘From Zimbabwe to South Africa in the 70s, the Dialect of Loneliness or How to Build a Machine for Living Alone’ 



JJ Chan (sculptor, filmmaker, educator)

‘Race and Problems of Idealism’, ‘Open Letter to CFCCA’, ‘ Boldness as a Necessity to Be Seen’ and ‘How to Spot When Your Artwork is Turning “white”.’


Kemi Onabule (painter) 

‘Most Popular Girl at the Bedford Boarding School, Britain – the Kingdom of Serenity? Being at the Studio and Being a Mother’ 



Tahmina Negmat (painter) 

‘The Physicality of Language or on How to Retaliate if you Happen to Be a 1st Generation Immigrant, My White Girl Nightmare, and Marmite on Toast’


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