Black Germany Exhibition

at Newington Green Meeting House

From October 1st you will be able to view the Black Germany exhibition in the Mary Wollstonecraft Room. Based on ground-breaking research, the exhibition employs a number of biographies, accompanied by photographic images, in order to look at the largely forgotten development of a Black Diaspora in Germany from the 1880s up to 1945. In doing so, it provides insights into the routes and reasons that brought African men and women from the colonies to Germany pre-1914; it looks at forms of employment and the politics of Black residents during the interwar period, and it touches on the fate of Black residents and their German-born children during the period of National Socialism.

Building tours and exhibition viewings are currently not available due to COVID-19. Please check back soon

If Tier 4 restrictions are in place at the time the tours will not be able to go ahead and we will inform you of this change in advance.

You can also take a virtual tour below:

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