Alternative Statue Tour

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Join Hackney Tours* and Newington Green Meeting House for a tour of this exciting borough where we’ll discuss some suggestions for people and groups – old and new – that we might mark with the next generation of statues. Where might we look for positive role models on our East London streets? Who could we remember from the past and present to inspire us for 2020 onwards?

In this interactive Zoom tour, let’s celebrate the unique Hackney history of Abolitionists and inventors, reformers and radicals. Then let’s consider who their 2020 equivalents are, changing the world from here in Hackney? Who should be remembered and why? After the online tour you’re welcome to leave, but you’ll have a chance to give your thoughts on the issues in small breakout groups. Then at the end, we’ll put our heads together and see what we agree on.

Make some new friends, share some ideas, get inspired.

(Tour 1h, online discussion 30m) – This tour is free, courtesy of Newington Green Meeting House. We have capped the numbers to keep it intimate. Please only buy a ticket if you are definitely coming. Please also cancel if you are not so that somebody else can have the opportunity.

Please register for the event here

*Hackney Tours has been exploring the lesser known histories of Hackney and celebrating its contemporary culture for a decade. Come and see your back yard in a new way.


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