Refocus: To hell with good intentions

at Online

A virtual workshop on allyship and solidarity

What is solidarity? Who is an ally? Where do these ideas come together, and do we all understand them the same way?

Drawing from examples within recent activist movements, this workshop will explore how we come together from different perspectives and experiences to build a better world for everyone, fighting for each other’s rights and better understanding the needs of the very people affected by these issues.

From hashtags to saviour complexes, together we will unpick motivations and approaches behind activism and explore ways of building practices that support people on the terms they need, rather than activism based solely on good intentions.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID 19), this event will be held online. Please ensure to cancel your free reservation if you do not plan to attend as a limited number of tickets are available. A waitlist will ensure your space goes to someone else.

Register for the Virtual Event here:

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