Refocus: Nothing About Us Without Us

at Newington Green Meeting House

A Workshop on Inclusive Activism

Activism aims to bring about political or social change, but sometimes campaigns and movements can exclude the very people they aim to serve and support. Without engaging with questions of inclusion, intersectionality or specific cultural understanding of an issue or individual/collective needs, well-intentioned activism can create further difficulties for those trying to access safe and inclusive spaces. In addition to this, cause-led movements can also fall guilty of excluding the voices of many – be it by alienating particular communities or ignoring the context surrounding an issue, and how that can impact people. How can we move away from this? And how do we conduct a form of activism that is inclusive of those it serves?

This interactive workshop will combine video and discussion, creating a space where we can encounter new perspectives, and reflect on our own practices within activism. Bringing together different voices, we will explore what it means to build and sustain inclusive practices when working on social justice issues, and why these approaches are vital for fighting oppression. Through these discussions, together we will exchange ideas on inclusive activism and how it can lead to better, more effective activism.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID 19), a limited number of live tickets are available. The event will be socially distanced and groups are limited to a maximum of 6 people. Any groups/ couples must be from the same household or support bubble. Virtual tickets are also available at registration (an event link will be emailed to you on the day). Please bring a face covering (as these are mandatory) and follow the guidelines in place throughout the building.

Make sure you allow emails from organisers on Eventbrite so we can send the virtual event link.

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