Podcast - Refocus: Nothing About Us Without Us

A podcast on Inclusive Activism

Activism aims to bring about political or social change, but sometimes campaigns and movements can exclude the very people they aim to serve and support. Without engaging with questions of inclusion, intersectionality or specific cultural understanding of an issue or individual/collective needs, well-intentioned activism can create further difficulties for those trying to access safe and inclusive spaces. In addition to this, cause-led movements can also fall guilty of excluding the voices of many – be it by alienating particular communities or ignoring the context surrounding an issue, and how that can impact people. How can we move away from this? And how do we conduct a form of activism that is inclusive of those it serves?

Bringing together different voices, we will explore what it means to build and sustain inclusive practices when working on social justice issues, and why these approaches are vital for fighting oppression. Through these discussions, together we will exchange ideas on inclusive activism and how it can lead to better, more effective activism.

TARIK ELMOUTAWAKIL is an artist, programmer and creative producer as well as Founder and Co-Artistic Director at Marlborough Productions in Brighton, the UK’s only performing arts orgnasiation dedicated to intersectional queer arts. His current public work is entitled ‘Brownton Abbey’, an evolving Afro-Futures Performance Party that centres disabled QTIPOC (queer, trans and intersex People of Colour). Brownton Abbey reclaims and reinterprets QTIPOC spirituality and ritual, channelling it into an out-of-this-world, accessible party. Tarik is plugged into a network of disabled qtipoc artivists across the globe, contributing to an ongoing movement to reshape access and leadership. A spirited public speaker, Tarik uses his joyous brand of activism wherever he can to transform the perception and treatment of marginalised QTIPOC.

JOSH WILLACY is an equality diversity and inclusion trainer, and consultant. He is a proud mixed race gay man who is the trustee of Stonewall Housing, a charity which provides advice, support and housing to the LGBTQ community and works to fight LGBTQ homelessness. In his previous role, Josh worked at Stonewall, consulting and advising organisations on their inclusion strategy for LGBTQ staff. He also developed and delivered Stonewall’s first empowerment programme for PoC LGBTQ people. Currently, Josh delivers learning and development solutions for a wide range of clients across many sectors including broadcast and film, higher education, charity and government. He believes when exploring identity and working towards equitable outcomes and a fair society, an intersectional approach is critical.

PRIYANKA CHAVDA is a young producer, currently working as an Agent’s Assistant at Casarotto Ramsay & Associates. She is the Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Casarotto, where she is helping on an outreach programme to break down barriers faced by underrepresented individuals with the creative industry. Keen to tell diverse stories, she is developing a number of short films, including a short which focuses on disability within the industry. She produced a short film, NAME for Channel 4’s Random Acts, which explores the brutality of the job market for young people through dance.

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