Podcast - Wollstonecraftivism: A discussion about craftivism with Bee

This episode in our Wollstonecraftivism programme for young people during the summer holidays we chat with Bee Rowlatt. Bee is the Chair of The Mary on the Green campaign which celebrates one of history’s most neglected icons, Mary Wollstonecraft. The campaign has two goals. The first is a memorial to act as a symbol of her legacy in a public statue/work of art. The second is The Wollstonecraft Society which is a network of people, a promotion of ideas and an outreach programme of accessible learning materials.

Looking for ways to get your learners/children busy this upcoming summer holiday?

Working with The Wollstonecraft Society we have put together a free weekly programme for young people over the holidays. Inspired by Mary Wollstonecraft’s legacy, learners will learn about social justice causes, learn about different crafts, experiment and learn new skills and create 6 Craftivist pieces themselves expressing how they feel.

What is ‘craftivism’? “A way at looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper and your quest for justice more infinite.”

Each episode learners will:

be introduced to a new topic of activism, like ‘helping the environment’ or ‘Black Lives Matter’

Meet a ‘Craftivist’ (someone who uses craft in their activism) and watch an interview explaining and showing their work

Follow a tutorial on how to create their own Craftivist work that week

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