Free School Assemblies/one-off class workshops: 'How we Remember History'

Are you thinking about ways to address recent events with your learners?

After the injustice of George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter protests across the globe and the wave of interest in how we engage with our history – we are offering free school assemblies as a way to engage primary and secondary school learners with this important topic and time in our national history.

Our Community and Learning Manager ( used to teach in FE/PRU and hospital school settings and is currently undertaking an MA in Public History at Birkbeck –(Public History is an action or approach that allows historical knowledge to reach the public. Many historians spend time conducting research and generating key findings about the past. The purpose of public history is to communicate these results and insights to the public at large in meaningful and inspiring ways).

We will offer assemblies that engage, ask and discuss with learners the following topics;

  1. What is History?
  2. How do we learn history/where do we learn about our History?
  3. Who makes History? Do we all make it?
  4. What is a Historian? How do you know when you are a Historian?
  5. What parts of our History are missing from the story and why? How has this happened?
  6. In which ways do we remember our History?
  7. How do we make sure we represent all the information about Histories that we can?
  8. Debate/Vote: how do we think it is best to remember events/stories/histories from the past?

Please get in touch with Amy ( to book assemblies/classes which can be via Zoom or in person at your school (with strict social distancing according to your institutions guidelines).




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