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Artwork by Unity Arts and Stewy - with permission

We are looking for people who can help us test this website.

All you need do is follow the instructions below to see if you can find what we’ve asked! Then, please reply – telling us if it was “easy”, “difficult” or “somewhere in between”. This will really help us make the website as inviting and user-friendly as possible (and it’ll take only about 10-15 minutes of your time).

Three easy steps to follow so please answer all the questions below and return your answers viaThree easy steps to follow so please answer all the questions below and return your answers via

Step 1 – Head over to the website homepage.

Step 2 – Explore the pages on the website to answer these specific questions:

  • Can you find out when the Meeting House is open during the week?
  • Can you find what volunteer roles are currently being recruited for?
  • Where can you find information about the history of the building?
  • How would you download resources for schools?
  • Can you sign up to the newsletter to get regular updates on the project?

Step 3 – Now please tell us about your experience using the website:

  • Is the website set out well, so that you can find the information you want to know?
  • Is it accessible, easy-to-read and understand?
  • Is it attractive? Does it look modern and up-to-date?
  • What was the most interesting part of the website for you?
  • What would make you want to visit the website again? What new things would you be looking to find?
  • How can we make sure people stay on the website longer?
  • What other features would it be nice for the website to have?
  • Is there anything on the website you would change? If so, what would you change and why?

Comments about this page

  • Hello Anita,
    We are sorry to hear you have had trouble booking onto one of our tours. Especially since you have such an interest in Mary Wollenstonecraft.
    Please contact our event organiser and he should be able to assist you with any queries regarding the challenge you have raised.
    Newington Green Meeting House

    By Lucy (17/10/2020)
  • I have tried a couple of times to book a tour in November and have entered all the fields but Eventbrite will not register it.

    I am a huge admirer of May Wollstonecraft and lead guides walk on Shelley and would love to visit the house.

    Please let me know to make the booking work.

    Anita Miller

    By Anita Miller (17/10/2020)

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